The Art of Appreciation

Every week Aya Healthcare circulates a mini newsletter which includes an advice section to internal employees.  This week our advice section focused on the Art of Appreciation: Tips on How to Recognize Others Great Works.

There is a lot of value when it comes to appreciating fellow employees and the people that we care about. Not only does it help promote positivity, it affirms good actions and compels people to progress.  Here are 5 tips to help you recognize the important people in your life.

1) Specify exactly what you are praising: “Hard work” and “Great Job” are general testimonials that do not show specifically what you like about what the person is doing. It is important to identify the exact actions that you like, so that the person you are appreciating knows what you are praising.

2) Be immediate when you recognize: When you immediately recognize someone’s good work, they are usually more self-aware of their actions and continue to keep it up.

3) Don’t hide appreciation: Appreciation is not something you should hide. It works best when you publicly recognize. Show you appreciation in front of people like in meetings, in front of team members, and management.

4) Show the relation: Relate the action done with how if affects your life, your team or the organization.

5) Write it Down: With the dawn of email and text messages, the hand written note or card has gained even more value when showing appreciation.

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