2013: First Time Travel Nurses Checklist


2013 is right around the corner! What are your resolutions going to be this year? Work our more? Maintain that diet? Maybe you want to try travel nursing for the first time, or have a new state that you want to explore? Whatever your goals are, we hope you are able to have some fun perusing them. We at Aya put together the below guide to help those who are interested in landing a travel nursing job for the first time.  It is by no means an exhaustive list, but it should help you get your bearings and starting point for what to ask your recruiter about!  Happy new year!


If you are interested int ravel nursing, you will need documentation that you actually graduated nursing school.   Its an easy first step, but one that can be easily overlooked and cause  a lag in getting a job. We know it’s a pain, but don’t delay: order copies of your transcripts today so we can get you that job in a speedy fashion!  WE can always hold a copy of your transcripts on file in case a facility requires a record of your completion. 


Getting references is more than simply obtaining a verbal conformation months in advance before you start applying for jobs. To be sure, this is the first step, but you need to follow up and make sure your reference still is willing to vouch for you and is prepared to answer phone calls.  Besides this basic framework, make sure you have current, accurate contact info; written letters can also be useful. Try to have the most recent references possible. 


Licensing is a word that not likes but everyone needs.  The process varies per state, but here are few basic guidelines that can help make the process less painful:

·       Filling out an application in red ink will almost always returned to you. Always use black or dark blue ink.

·       Make sure you give the board an address where someone will physically available so that they can forward the license to you.

·       Check your license status to see if it is “Compact”. If it is, you are in luck: you can already travel to a variety of different states that also operate under compact licenses!  Click here fore more info on compact licensure!.

Getting your licensure can seem like a again, but it is one of the most important steps to getting a job.  You can have all of your other bases covered, but no license= no job. 


Get those certifications n order!. It is a requirement that your ACLS, BLS, PALS or any other certification be carried on your person at all times. Make sure you have the signed cards issued by the instructor.  If you only have a copy, renew the certification to obtain more.

Step 5: Do you have your health records?

Remember when you were processed as a staff nurse at your current hospital? They likely performed a physical, made sure you had hepatitis shots, ect. Ask for copies of these records. Organizing these records makes for a smooth application process to many jobs. 

So there you have it—preparing for a travel nurse job  boils down to getting all of your own ducks in a row and letting our recruiters do the rest!  Once we have all of the materials listed above, we can send you out to as many jobs as you like.  If you are interested in travel nursing, please register with us online, or call us at 1-866-687-7390


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