Hospital Trends and Travel Nurses


The New Year has arrived! We know that people make new years resolutions, but what about hospitals?  Our research indicates that hospitals are striving to (surprise), become more efficient and both reduce costs and improve outcomes.  One of the best ways to eliminate needless expenditures is to improve care- or what you guys do as nurses! 

You are probably already aware of bias and take pains to avoid using them when giving care, but hospitals are going to make these hazards more clear then ever in the future.  To re-familiarize yourself, we have provided the three main biases found in giving care: conformation bias, pro-intervention bias, and pro-technology bias.  


  1. Confirmation Bias: A caregiver wants to think that a patient received the correct medication, selects a drug because it’s in the place where the right one was before and where it ought to still be, even if it isn’t.
  2. Pro-Intervention Bias: The belief that no matter what, it is better for a caregiver to perform a procedure or prescribe a medication than to do nothing, because otherwise, what use would the caregiver have?
  3. Pro-Technology BiasThe belief that a new device, drug, procedure, or approach is better for no other reason than that it is complicated, or expensive, or new. *

Being aware and familiar with these psychological missteps can both save you time at work and help you be an even better nurse.  Plus, knowing these concepts ahead of time can make you look good in front of your co-workers ;) 

We have taken pains in previous posts about travel nursing to state that it is important for a travel nurse to be prepared to work on their very first day—there is little to no training and you are expected to fire on all cylinders.  Knowledge of the above biases can only help you be adequately prepared for future travel nursing jobs!

Does a travel nursing job sounds like an exciting opportunity for you? OR do you  have any questions about the above? We want to hear from you! Please call us  at 1-866-687-7390 so we can get started on finding you your dream job!


* Source: Health Leaders media-



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