Travel Nursing News: New Research about Rn’s Health

You know the feeling where your feet feel as if they have bloated three times their normal size? You aren’t alone! A recent study completed for MedSurg Nursing revealed that lack of information regarding footwear is causing nurses unnecessary pain and suffering.  A travel nursing assignment is stressful enough on its own; the last thing you want are your little piggies cramping up on the job!  Luckily, there is a remedy:

“employers should consider how to improve the working environment… [and] nurses should become educated regarding the need to purchase new shoes every six months” (Nealy, McCaskill, Conway, 359)*.

A new pair of shoes, and the ability to sit down every now and then can greatly improve the way you feel at work.  We know that in this economy, everyone is looking to stretch his or her resources as much as possible, but when you’re moving about all day (saving lives no less), skimping on footwear is not worth it!  A travel nursing job can be a great experience that presents its own unique challenges, but foot pain is not a hurdle that needs to be jumped! What are some other ways you think hospitals can make institutional changes to benefit nurses feet and overall health?

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