Travel Nursing Tips: Winter Weather Edition

Things have been pretty chilly lately, even here in sunny San Diego! Okay fine, we’re pretty lucky at Aya, but some of our travel nurses might not have as easy of a time if they are on  an assignment in an area with real weather.  We’ve consulted the CDC’s website in order to provide a few winter weather tips that will make living in a colder climate while on your travel nursing job easier to cope with. 

 First and foremost: Make sure your home is winterized!

  • Check insulation, and buy storm windows and weather stripping.
  • Clean those rain gutters—look for roof leaks in the process!
  • Get your heater professionally serviced.

 Secondly, your transportation needs to be winter-ready as well.

  • Perform maintenance on the radiation and check the antifreeze levels
  • Snow tries are obviously necessary in the snow, but no matter where you live, it is important to check tire pressure.  All Weather tires are a good idea.
  • Create an emergency kit to keep in your car in case of an accident or malfunction: ley factors will be blankets, water, and snacks.  Jumper cables and a flashlight are also a must. *

And travel nurses, we know you are committed to your jobs, but please please please, avoid traveling when the weather service has issued an advisory!  You can always contact the shift head and explain the situation.

This post is not exhaustive, but hopefully can provide some helpful tips for travel nurses in cold and unfamiliar climates. We do our best at Aya Healthcare to make sure our travel nurses are well prepared for anything that make happen while they are on their travel nursing assignment!

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