Travel Nursing Questions: Minmum Experience Required

Many of those considering travel nursing have the same question, “How much experience do I need for a travel nursing position?”  At Aya Healthcare, we generally ask that you have at least one year of experience before applying to travel jobs—a travel assignment simply class for a nurse who is qualified and has proven experience. 

However, to be more specific, the minimum experience requirements for travel nursing depend on your area of specialty, the facility and unit, and sometimes even the state. The facilities we work with have different requirements and preferences, but some even might require two years of experience instead of just one. For some specialties such as Med-Surg, Psych and Rehab, the minimum can be slightly higher. We at Aya healthcare have experience throughout the United states, and despite the seemingly endless variations in policy, we can let you know where you will be able to have success getting a job!

“Why do I need so much experience?” Might be the next question o your mind; As a travel nurse, you are required to hit the ground running the minute orientation ends.  Aside from slight procedural differences that occur between every hospital, it is assumed that you know how to do your job without instruction

 This includes a hidden benefit and cost: it is very unlikely that you will engage in any cross-training during your time as a travel nurse.  This can be frustrating if you become bored of your current specialty, but it also allows a nurse to minimize the stress at work through routine.  Less stress at work means that you will have more energy to go out and explore the location that you travelled to!

If you are an RN looking for travel nursing jobs, please give us a call at 1-866-687-7390.  We at Aya Healthcare have relationships with over 1,400 healthcare facilities in the United States, allowing us to get you where you want to go! 

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