Featured Travel Nursing Jobs: July 26th, 2013

New York, New York –ER.  New York is often cited as the place to be in the winter, but those who know realize that late summer into the fall season is the time to be in the big apple! With the summer temps and humidity reducing by the day, New Yorkers are able tor reveal in the more hospitable weather and enjoy their city. Travel nurses who travel to new york city often have a hard time leaving! Discover the big apple for what it really is while on your travel nursing assignment!

Sacramento, California- ER.  There really isn’t a nicer place to be right now than northern California.   Sacramento, California’s metropolitan capital is surrounded by unspoiled wilderness—complete with expansive forests and roaring rivers. Despite often being overlooked as a travel destination, the city boasts many things do: weather you want to visit the aforementioned natural beauty, or take in the sights of a modern city, Sacramento has it all.  Home to a few professional sports teams, and several colleges, Sacramento contains plenty of things to keep you entertained while on your travel nursing assignment!

Los Angeles, California- ER Nights-   Fashion. Legendary sports teams. Hollywood. Beaches, celebrities. Good times.  These are the things that a travel assignment in Los Angeles can bring. While everyone has heard something about LA, one can’t truly know such a diverse place without spending any time in it! A travel nursing assignment in LA will give you the opportunity to explore LA and find all the hidden gems that makes the city so unique and loved.   

Charleston, South Carolina- ER.  For those who have never been there, Charleston might appear to be a southern city that is stuck in a different time— Not True!  While Charleston will always have some of that southern charm, the city itself is a pinnacle of modernity–  and a particularly fast-paced nightlife for a place that where time supposedly goes a bit slower., if we can say so ourselves!  Not just limited to excellent food and rink, Charleston is also home to excellent museums and outdoor actives.  A travel nursing assignment will reveal why Charleston is the jewel of the south! 

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