Featured Travel Nursing Jobs: October 7th, 2013

Sacramento, California-  ER.   Located right in the middle of northern California, Sacramento is a beautiful city surrounded by pristine natural beauty. Sacramento is home to two major public universities, private institutions, community colleges, and vocational schools, which means that there is no shortage of actives going on. Be sure to check on the many benefits thrown by student organizations.

Phoenix, Arizona- Med Surg.  Phoenix is the diamond in the rough! A modern city that offers all the conveniences of any metropolis, Phoenix also maintains its unique disposition and qualities that make it so special.  The desert can seem a lonely place, but locals will tell you that a trip out on the plains can be a path to self-discovery; it also can serve as a great way to get out of the hectic pace that can be a travel nurses life!  An extended stay in Phoenix is sure to reveal while those who call it home would rather be nowhere else!

Seattle, Washington - ER. Seattle is as green as a major city can get: the community embodies all things organic and strives to protect and enjoy the pristine beauty that surrounds and found in the city.   Seattle isn’t all brown rice and nutmeg, though, it is also home to growing aerospace and tech industries, and of course, hospitals that need travel nurses. Seattle is a haven for artists and musicians: it won’t be difficult to unwind afterword at a new exhibit or local show!

Houston, Texas- ICU. Houston is the fourth-largest city in the U.S., and it is an area where nurses are in demand. With over two million residents, this town’s bustling economy is based in manufacturing, oil production, and –yes– healthcare. Houston has performing arts scene that can compete with the best. Plus, with the gulf being nearby and tons of fantastic shopping opportunities, Houston is a city where a travel nurse can really get away while on assignment!  Great southwestern-style food, friendly natives, and tons of entertainment options. A truly great place for a travel nursing job assignment

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