Featured Travel Nursing Jobs: October 14th, 2013

Chicago, Illinois- NICU.  Chi-Town: The cultural and finical hub of the Midwest and one of America’s most historic cities.  Chicago is not merely a beautiful window into our history as a nation, but it also serves as the roadmap to where we are going. The city is absolutely stunning in the fall and residents say that its one of the best times to visit!  Travel nursing jobs in Chicago are certain to be full of fun surprises.  

Eureka, California-L&D.  Called the queen of the west, Eureka is located in Humboldt County, Northern California.  Due to is oceanside location, Eureka is privy to cool summers and mild winters- the perfect blend for those who enjoy sweater weather all the time! Outdoor lovers will love the towering redwoods are a trademark of the northwest and populate most open spaces.  Foodies have their own reason to rejoice- despite not being a major metropolis, many great chefs flock to the northwest because of the plethora of excellent ingredients.  Head to any of the popular local restaurants and you’ll be sure to have a fantastic meal!

Oakland, California-OR.  Oakland is a city that continues to surprise.  The city is the middle of a cultural rejuvenation!  With some of the best art and food in the bay area and a fantastic music scene, Oakland provides many fun things to do.  Moreover, the city is home to more than a few upcoming artists, which means there is an endless amount art shows and exhibits to sample and explore!

Vegas, Nevada- ICU.  There isn’t much to say about Vegas that you haven’t heard, so we won’t go on listing clichés.  However, you might now realize that now is the perfect time to be in Vegas: the weather is beautiful, but not too hot, and spring break season is over, so you won’t be overrun by college students—though you could probably get up to no good anyways, if you wanted to.  Vegas is a travel nurses dream city, don’t miss out on this opportunity!

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