Featured Travel Nursing Jobs: October 22nd, 2013



Santa Fe, New Mexico- ER.  Santa Fe is the gem of the southwest.  The state has excellent hiking  through the entire year, and during special winters, it’s even possible to get excellent skiing and snowboarding sessions in! Santa Fe itself is home to several world-class museums and theaters; plus, the food there is out of this world:  its close proximity to Texas and Mexico has blessed Santa Fe with a unique blend of Tex-Mex and traditional Mexican cuisine.  Don’t miss out on this unique travel nursing opportunity in Santa Fe!

Atlanta, Georgia- OR.  Atlanta is a city that continues to surprise those who visit.  Often overlooked as a destination, Atlanta provides a wealthy of activities that are fun and unique to the city. The food is absolutely phenomenal Be sure to check out Atlanta’s famous botanical gardens or catch a ball game while in the city.  PS, ‘hotlanta’ didn’t get nicknamed as such because it has a dull nightlife….

Palm Springs, California- ICU.  Palm springs isn’t called an oasis for nothing- the city is truly a diamond in the rough. The city is the perfect destination for the nurse who wants to get away from it all, while still being able to have access to all of ‘it’. Palm springs is host to numerous shopping outlets of high-couture designer clothes, host to numerous musical festivals and art shows, and home to multiple award-winning restaurants and golf courses.

Boston, Massachusetts- ER. Boston is an excellent town for the travel nurse who is looking for a good time.  The city has has the largest population of college students in the country, meaning there is something to do every night of week!  Boston has all of your watering hole preferences covered: from quiet lounges,  downtown clubs and jazz bars, they truly have it all.  Though we can’t be sure, we’ve heard that the city might have a thing for sports as well…. Maybe.

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