Featured Travel Nursing Jobs: November 13th, 2013

Austin, Texas-ICU.  Austin is a favorite destination for many travel nurses. A city that exceeded expectations and its always provides a unique experience, Austin is located in the heart of Texas.Austin  all of the charm of the southwest has to offer while also cultivating a rich cultural and artistic community that promotes individual expression and voice.  For the foodie, cocktail enthusiast, or music lover, Austin is sure to please.  PS. Did someone say BBQ?

Santa Fe, New Mexico- ER.  Santa Fe is a city that welcomes visitors who make their way into town.  Santa Fe has excellent hiking throughout the year, and during special winters, you can even get excellent ski and snowboarding sessions in! Santa Fe is home to several world-class museums an theaters as well as delicious Restaurant scene.    Its close proximity to Texas and Mexico has blessed Santa Fe with a unique blend of Tex-Mex and traditional Mexican cuisine.  Delicious! Don’t miss out on this unique travel nursing job opportunity in Santa Fe!

Spring Hill, Florida- L&D. Spring hill is an ideally Florida community near the gulf coast of Mexico.  Healthcare in Spring Hill is a growing service, with three accredited hospitals in the area! Spring hill is home to many beautiful parks and golf courses, which attracts many tourists and locals alike.  A travel nursing assignment in Spring Hill is sure to provide an experience that is both unique and relaxing.

Charleston, South Carolina- ER.  Charleston might be one of the best cities to go to on a traveling nursing assignment because of the state of the art medical facilities in the area, but we know that travel assignments are more than just about work! While you’re in Charleston you will have the opportunity to reveal in the old feel of the south that is certain sure to charm.  Not just a relic though, Charleston has many modern attractions as dwell: the cuisine found throughout the city is nationally renowned as being progressive and delicious, while the city has a nightlife that is young, fun and unlike anywhere else! Our travel nurses have only had very positive things to say about their experiences in Charleston!

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