Featured Travel Nursing Jobs: November 29th, 2013

Denver, Colorado- ER.  The beauty of Colorado in winter is unparalleled ! A travel nursing assignment in Denver is an opportunity for you to obtain great experience in top of the line facilities  at work, while enjoying the outdoor activities that Denver is renowned for on your days off!  Whether you prefer a day on the slopes or a relaxing afternoon next to the fireplace, Denver has got you covered! As an added bonus, Denver consistently ranks as one of the healthiest/fittest cities in the United States.

Temecula, CA- Telemetry. Temecula is one of the fastest growing cities in California.  It’s perfect for travel nurses who want to get outdoors: lake skinner offers a myriad of water activities and there are plenty of hiking and camping sites to boot!  Each year the Temecula valley balloon and wine festival takes place which is a great way to spend the day!

Phoenix, Arizona- ICU.  Phoenix is the diamond in the rough! A modern city that offers all the conveniences of any metropolis, Phoenix also maintains its unique disposition and qualities that make it so special.  The desert can seem a lonely place, but locals will tell you that a trip out on the plains can be a path to self-discovery; it also can serve as a great way to get out of the hectic pace that can sometimes accompany a travel nursing job!  An extended stay in Phoenix is sure to reveal while those who call it home would rather be nowhere else!

Boston, Massachusetts- ER.  Boston is an excellent town for the travel nurse who is looking for a good time!   The city has the largest population of college students in the nation, meaning there is something to do every night of week!  Boston has all of your watering hole preferences covered: if you want to find a quiet speakeasy style bar to enjoy some cocktails, they have it; or would you prefer a wild night at a  club downtown- got that too; Jazz clubs…. Yep they got those as well.  Also, Though we can’t be sure, we’ve heard that the city might have a thing for sports as well…. Maybe.

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