Featured Travel Nursing Jobs: December 6th, 2013


Boise, ID- ICU.  Boise is the winter vacation home to many of hollywood’s biggest stars. The skiing is excellent, the views untarnished, and the air just feels good.  Travel nurses who have been to  Boise often comment on how much they love the small-town feel without losing access to the luxuries of larger cities.  Boise is the perfect assignment for the travel nurse looking to get of the beaten path.

Miami, FL- L&D. Miami is one of the most popular and exciting travel nursing destinations in the United States.  Great for nurses escaping the snow, Miami has beautiful weather year-round;  but you knew that already didn’t you? Miami also is home  delicious and varied cuisine: cuban and haitian food can be found nearly everywhere, as can delicious sea food and local delicacies.  The nightlife found in the city rivals the biggest cities in the country and has a flavor unlike anywhere else.  For those looking to relax, the beaches are an obvious choice.

San Francisco, CA- ER. There’s just something awesome about San Francisco in the wintertime.  The city is busting with excitement, and the weather can be absolutely stunning (it will be chilly though).  The city is big enough that the dedicated travel nurse can get into just about anything they desire, but some of our favorite things to do is sample all of the delicious restaurants that can be found throughout the city.  Whether you’re craving authentic dim sum or cutting edge fusion foods, SF is sure to please.  Theres more to do than simply eat though: nightclubs, sports events, and wine country are also within your grasp; not to mention the amazing arts and music scene to boot.

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