Featured Travel Nursing Jobs: February 7th, 2014

Virgin Islands- ICU.  There really isn’t any better place to take a travel nursing assignment than the Virgin Islands: you get all the luxuries that come with modern living along as the laid-back atmosphere that accompanies island life.  13 weeks is more than ample time to explore the charming enigma that is the Virgin Islands.  Oh, and the pay is great too!

Oakland, CA-OR.  Oakland is a city with something for everyone.  Often overlooked by its more famous neighbor San Francisco and Berkley, Oakland is a treasure to those that know the area well!  With some of the best art and food in the bay area and a fantastic music scene, Oakland provides many fun things to do.  Moreover, the city is home to more than a few upcoming artists, which means there is an endless amount art shows and exhibits to sample and explore!

Las Vegas, NV- ICU.   Vegas is the perfect city for the travel nurse looking for the adventure of a lifetime.  Lets get the obvious things out of the way: the city is home to the most cutting edge nightclubs, restaurants, and entertainment facilities in the country.  But you already knew that, did you?  What you might not realize is that the massive tourism industry that runs the city also ensures that there is plenty of work travel nurses- hospitals are constantly understaffed.   Roll the dice and half blast while living in a city most dream of just visiting.

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