Featured Travel Nursing Jobs: February 14th, 2014

Boston, MA- ER.  In case you didn’t know, Boston is a massive sports town- don’t worry though, the fans will tell you themselves where their allegiance lies in case you forget.  Watching a professional sports game in Boston is an experience like no other. Throw on your baseball cap and catch a game at Fenway Park. Also, be sure not to miss out on Boston’s world class museums, theaters and unique landmarks.

Salt Lake City,UT -Med-Surg.  Salt Lake City is great for winter activities. This northern part of Utah offers great hiking and and fishing. But if you’re considering SLC in the winter time, you probably already know why:  the slopes! Salt lake city is renowned for having the best snowboarding and skiing in the country! Anyone on a travel nursing assignment in Utah should make the trip to Salt lake to check it out for themselves.

Austin, TX- ICU. Austin is the capital of Texas, but is better known as The “Live Music Capital of the World.” Live music has been offered to audiences for over 33 years at Austin City Limits Music Festival. Home of one of the largest universities in the country, The University of Texas at Austin is just one of the many universities located in Austin. For entertainment, Austin is popular for its nightlife. Plus, the weather is very mild when compared to other parts of the state!

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