Featured Travel Nursing Jobs, June 28th, 2013

June 28th, 2013

Dallas, TX- ER. Dallas, Texas is known has the most metropolitan city in the state!  Dallas offers travel nurses the conveniences of city life along with all the charm of Texas hospitality.  Check out any of the numerous BBQ places for a ridiculous good meal; don’t forget to pass up on the texmex that is also unique and delicious.  Dallas is home to the Texas Rangers and Dallas cowboys, plus the PGA rated golf course, which means sports lovers will have a blast while they are in town.  A travel nursing assignment in Dallas is sure to be a good an excellent time

Temecula, CA- Med Surg/Telemetry. Temecula is one of the fastest growing cities in California.  It’s perfect for travel nurses who want to get outdoors: lake skinner offers a myriad of water activies and there are plenty of hiking and camping sites to boot!  Each year the Temecula valley balloon and wine festival takes place which is a great way to spend the day! 

Redwood City, CA –ICU.  Redwood city is a travel nurses dream.  Located just 25 miles south of San Francisco, residents have easy access to the city but enjoy much lower cost of livening.  Redwood is located right on the bay, which means great seafood and boating attractions are abound!  Our travel nurses in the past have expressed how much they enjoyed being able to live outside of the hectic city while retaining easy access to it!

Los Angeles, CA- OR.  It’s tough to be Los Angeles in the summer time. The beach is just seconds away, sports and music events are going on nearly every night the week, and there are more places to shop than you can count!  The city is too big to get to know over a weekend, so take a travel nursing assignment and get a locals perspective on why LA is so great!  

Featured Travel Nursing Jobs, June 21st, 2013

June 21st, 2013

Long Island, NY- Tele.  This is one of the best times of the year to take a travel assignment in Long Island- Hot summer days on the beach, and quick trips into NYC for nightlife and anything else you could want in the world—what’s not to love?!  Travel nurses love long island for its unique perspective of state that can’t really be appreciated in a matter of days.  While it may take years to be a local, do yourself a favor and try our Long Island for a months: my you’ll be surprised by how much you can discover and how much fun you’ll have!

Modesto, CA- OR.  Modesto perfectly captures the fun-yet-relaxing attitude that northern California is so well known for.  The city is home to world-class vineyards and excellent restaurants that are famous for sourcing their dishes with locally found ingredients. Need a night on the town? Modesto’s downtown has options for any attitude: check out the palladium you’re searching for a dance party, or head to Vieira’s Lounge for a mellow evening and tasty cocktails.  If you ever feel the need to head to a big city, San Francisco is just of an hour away! 

Lompoc, CA- L&D.  Lompoc is situated in Santa Barbara county, California, which places you in middle of the state.  A quiet city that is a short drive away from downtown, Lompoc will provide the suburban life without being bored!  Santa Barbara is home miles of open coastline and hiking trails to boot! A travel nursing assignment in Lompoc will be sure to please any travel nurse who loves the outdoors!

Miami, FL-CVICU.  Summers here and Miami is the place to be.  Famous for basically everything fun, Miami is a blast for the travel nurse seeking excitement and late nights out! Miami’s nightlife is second to none, and the fun doesn’t stop at the sand here! Check out the beachside bars that can’t be found anywhere else!  The strip is certainly a scene, but don’t neglect some of the city’s lesser-known secrets:  grab some of the best Cuban food in town Next to Mary’s Laundry, 2542 SW 27th Ave!


Featured Travel Nursing Jobs, June 7th, 2013

June 7th, 2013


Fresno, CA- ER.  Fresno.  Fresno colloquially known as the “Raisin Capital”, is more than just dried grapes!  Fresno contains a wealth of diversity- especially when to comes to things to do.  If you’ve ever wanted to experience the life of the cowboy, even for just one Saturday afternoon, Fresno has got you covered.  What’s more, Fresno is just a short drive away from Pismo beach, which has got all of your aquatic activities covered! A travel nursing assignment in Fresno is sure to give you a different perspective of California!

Bakersfield, CA- Case Management.  Bakersfield is a unique city because it maintains its small town-charm despite being one of the ten largest cities in California! It is home to Cal State Bakersfield  and Point Loma Nazarene University, which means that there is no shortage of things too do!  Whether it is a student art show or an awareness or music Event, Bakersfield can deliver a good time!   Also, you are in the heartland of California, which means there is plenty of good eats to be had during your travel nursing assignment!  Be Sure to check our Mama Roomba’s Caribbean food, the jerk chicken is delicious!

Lebanon, NH- ICU.  IF you’re looking to take a travel nursing job in a charming city that encompasses the Northeast, look no further than Lebanon, New Hampshire.  Despite sharing the name with a distant land, Lebanon couldn’t be more American: It’s even the hometown of Phineas gage!  Lebanon is a cultural hub with attractions such as the Lebanon Opera House (in City Hall), the AVA Gallery, seasonal Farmers’ Market and summer concerts on the green! 

Medford, Oregon- Med Surg.  Another small(ish) town! Medford is to the northwest what Lebanon is to the northeast: A classic-city that is proud of its history while moving forward and creating a new future! Medford has seen a surge in population over the past decade, and all tends indicate no sign of slowing down! It might be because of the wide-open spaces that characterize much of organizes landscapes, or it could be the friendly people and cultural diversity. Take a travel nursing assignment in Medford and experience this hidden gem for yourself!

Featured Travel Nursing Jobs, May 31st, 2013

May 31st, 2013


Tucson, Arizona- L&D. Tucson.  Tucson Arizona is the cultural hub of Arizona-  it is one the state’s oldest cities and  boasts a wealth of cultural and artistic achievements.  Be sure to check out the recently resorted Fox theater, originally opened in 1930,  which hosts a bevy of shows, ranging from jazz to rock n’ roll and pop events! Arizona University is located nearby, which means that there is plenty of fun for travel nurses who enjoy a good pub-crawl every now and then! 

Honolulu, Hawaii- OR. Want to get paid to live and work in paradise? A travel nurse assignment on the island of Hawaii is one of the best possible experiences that you can have during your traveling career.  An extended stay will give you an insider’s perspective on island life and scratch below the surface!  Many people experience Hawaii for a few weeks at a time, but you get the chance live there for thirteen weeks! Don’t miss this!

Santa Fe, New Mexico- ER.  Santa Fe is a fast-paced city that welcomes visitors who make their way into town.  The state has excellent hiking throughout most of the year, and during special winters, you can even get excellent ski and snowboarding sessions in! Santa Fe itself is home to several world-class museums an theatres; plus, the food here is out of this world:  its close proximity to Texas and Mexico has blessed Santa Fe with a unique blend of Tex-Mex and traditional Mexican cuisine.  Delicious! Don’t miss out on this unique travel nursing opportunity in Santa Fe!

Eureka, California-L&D.  Called the queen of the west, Eureka is located in Humboldt County, Northern California.  Due to is oceanside location, Eureka is privy to cool summers and mild winters- the perfect blend for those who enjoy sweater weather all the time! Outdoor lovers will love the towering redwoods are a trademark of the northwest and populate most open spaces.  Foodies have their own reason to rejoice- despite not being a major metropolis, many great chefs flock to the northwest because of the plethora of excellent ingredients.  Head to any of the popular local restaurants and you’ll be sure to have a fantastic meal!


Featured Travel Nursing Jobs, May 24th, 2013

May 24th, 2013

Apple Valley, CA- PACU.  Apple valley is a quite little town located near the at the base of mountainous Southern California California.  The location is a jumping off point for nurses who love to explore the outdoors- in the summer, hiking and biking trails can be found all over, and in the winter, you are a short drive away from world-class sking and snowboarding destinations!  A travel nursing assignment in apple valley is a great way to see a different side of California!

Austin, Texas-ICU.  Austin is a favorite destination of many travel nurses.  It’s a city that defies expectations and always provides a unique experience.  Located in the heart of Texas, Austin has all of the charm of the south, while cultivating a rich cultural and artistic community that promotes individual expression and voice.  For the foodie, cocktail enthusiast, or music lover, Austin is sure to please.  PS. Did someone say BBQ?  

Phoenix, Arizona- Med Surg.  Phoenix is the diamond in the rough! A modern city that offers all the conveniences of any metropolis, Phoenix also maintains its unique disposition and qualities that make it so special.  The desert can seem a lonely place, but locals will tell you that a trip out on the plains can be a path to self-discovery; it also can serve as a great way to get out of the hectic pace that can be a travel nurses life!  An extended stay in Phoenix is sure to reveal while those who call it home would rather be nowhere else!

Oakland, California-OR.  Oakland is a city that continues to surprise.  While many have heard stories that cast the city in a less-than favorable light, those who live there know how much the city has to offer!  With some of the best food in the bay area and a fantastic music scene, Oakland provides many fun things to do.  Moreover, the city is home to more than a few upcoming artists, which means there is an endless amount art shows and exhibits to sample and explore!

Featured Travel Nursing Jobs, May 17th, 2013

May 17th, 2013

Virgin Islands- ICU.  There really isn’t any better place to take a travel nursing assignment than the Virgin Islands: you get all the luxuries that come with modern living along as the laid-back atmosphere that accompanies island life.  13 weeks is more than ample time to explore the charming enigma that is the Virgin Islands.  Oh, and the pay is great too!

Sacramento, CA- Telemetry.  Despite being California’s state capital, Sacramento is a city that often flies under the radar as a travel nursing destination, which makes it a great opportunity for the xx nurse.  Sacramento is a bustling-city with easy access to all-things outdoors- what more could you want?  Places past travel nurses have mentioned as must-sees and do’s include: vist one of the 600 works of public art found throughout the city, go to a kings game, visit the capitol, and enjoy the American River Parkway!

Bay Area, CA- ER.  San Francisco is the heart and soul of the beautiful bay area. Enjoy a nice picnic while marveling at the iconic bridge, or simply lose some time and gain some sights while taking a stroll through the city streets. Feeling parched? A trip to one of the world-class Vineyards located in Nappa Valley is sure to be a treat for the both the Wine connoisseur and the casual epicurean alike.  The bay area is full of local secrets and surprises- take a travel nurse assignment and get paid while exploring them all!

Orange County ,CA- NICU.  Orange County has as much variety in its xx area as some small states! With beautiful beaches to expansive canyons and mountains, Orange county is the outdoor lover’s paradise! People who live in Orange County are known for healthy living and a sporting attitude! Take a travel assignment in the OC and  find out for yourself why those who live their claim that the OC is the best place on earth.  

Featured Travel Nursing Jobs, April 26th, 2013

April 26th, 2013

Happy Friday travel nurses! Her are this weekend’s featured travel nursing jobs! Please call your recruiter if you are interested in any of the following jobs at 866-687-7390!

Barrow, Alaska- ERBarrow is the largest city of the North Slope Borough in the U.S. state of Alaska. The roads in Barrow are unpaved due to the permafrost, and no roads connect the city to the rest of Alaska Barrow is served by Alaska Airlines with passenger jet service at the Wiley Post–Will Rogers Memorial Airport from Anchorage and Fairbanks.   A travel nurse looking to go to barrow needs to have thirst for adventure and the unknown. Barrow is a great place to go if you want to experience Alaska and its natural beauty.

Atlanta, Georgia- OR.  Atlanta is a city that continues to surprise those who visit.  Often overlooked as a destination, Atlanta provides a wealthy of activities that are fun and unique to the city.  EB sure to check out Atlanta’s famous botanical gardens or catch a ball game while in the city.  PS, ‘hotlanta’ didn’t get nicknamed as such because it has a dull nightlife….

Vegas, Nevada- ICU.  This is a carryover from last weekend’s featured jobs post- the job is still available! There isn’t much to say about Vegas that you haven’t heard, so we won’t go on listing clichés.  However, you might now realize that now is the perfect time to be in Vegas: the weather is beautiful, but not too hot, and spring break season is over, so you won’t be overrun by college students—though you could probably get up to no good anyways, if you wanted to.  Vegas is a travel nurses dream city, don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Pueblo, Colorado- Med Surg/Peds.  Pueblo is your picturesque Colorado mountain town.  The city is a beautiful place to be anytime of the year: the winter is great for skiing and snowboarding, while summer and spring provide beautiful days to spend outside hiking, fishing, or simply hanging out in the park.  If you want to experience nature, while still remaining close to urban spaces, Pueblo is the place for you!



Featured Travel Nursing Jobs, April 19th, 2013

April 19th, 2013

Greetings travel nurses! We’ve reached the end of another week, which means it’s time to share our featured travel nursing jobs!  This weekend features jobs from all over California!

Palm Springs, California- ICU manager.  Palm springs isn’t called an oasis for nothing- the city is truly a diamond in the rough.  Palm springs is the perfect destination for the nurse who wants to get away from it all, while still being able to have access to all of ‘it’. Palm springs is host to numerous shopping outlets of high-couture designer clothes, host to numerous musical festivals and art shows, and home to multiple award-winning restaurants and golf courses. 

Manteca, California- Med Surg.  While it’s true that when one thinks of California, Manteca probably doesn’t spring to the forefront of their mind! But that’s why this blog post has been created: we want to draw attention to overlooked gems that exist in every state.  Manteca is located in Northern California, about 60 miles south of Sacramento and 70 miles east of San Francisco.  It is home to numerous parks and hiking trails, and has excellent lakes for bass fishing.  If you a nurse looking to get out of the city and explore what nature has to over, Manetca is not a spot to overlook.  Plus, you have all the comforts a big city has to over just over an hour away!

Fresno, California- L&D. Many people from other parts of the country wouldn’t guess it, but Fresno is the fifth largest city in California! There are several different districts that populate the city: downtown, sunnyside, Old Fig Garden, Tower District, Huntington Boulevard, Van ness extension, the west side, woodward park, and sierra sky park, provide a wide variety opportunities to explore.  The city is renowned for the variety of delicious eateries, and has almost every sporting activity available! There are several colleges in the area, which means that there is always some event to check out!

San Francisco, California- OR.   San Francisco is the perfect destination for a travel nursing assignment.  It is the economic and cultural powerhouse of the west coast, rivaled only by that of Los Angeles, and the city contains just about anything you could ever imagine, and at it’s best.  One of the biggest hurdles of the living in San Francisco is the housing, which makes travel nursing there all the more appealing, since we take care of that for you! If you are an OR nurse looking to travel, do not pass up on this job! 

Featured Travel Nursing Jobs, April 12th, 2013

April 12th, 2013


Hi travel nurses! We hope you’ve all had a wonderful workweek and have some fun plans for the weekend! Here are the featured travel nursing jobs for the weekend of April 12, 2013!

Dallas, Texas- Med Surg.  Dallas is America’s city. Whether you are seeking the bustle of modern city or the tranquility of a suburban lifestyle, Dallas is able to provide you with your ideal neighborhood. The city is a sports fan’s dream, with the Texas Rangers and Dallas cowboys both calling the city home, but that doesn’t mean that one has to be a fanatic to have a good time.  Be sure to check out the world renowned BBQ that can be found throughout the city.

Spring Hill, Florida- L&D. Spring hill is an ideally Florida community near the gulf coast of Mexico.  Healthcare in Spring Hill is a growing service, with three accredited hospitals in the area! Spring hill is home to many beautiful parks and golf courses, which attracts many tourists and locals alike.  A travel nursing assignment in Spring Hill is sure to provide an experience that is both unique and relaxing. 

Las Vegas, Nevada- ICU.   Vegas is the perfect city for the travel nurse looking for the adventure of a lifetime.  Lets get the obvious things out of the way: the city is home to the most cutting edge nightclubs, restaurants, and entertainment facilities in the country.  But you already knew that, did you?  What you might not realize is that the massive tourism industry that runs the city also ensures that there is plenty of work travel nurses- hospitals are constantly understaffed.   Roll the dice and half blast while living in a city most dream of just visiting.

San Bernardino, California- ICU.  San Bernardino is a city that constantly outperforms expectations.  Silverwood Lake is a short day trip away and provides scenery more akin to NorCal than southern California.    Add the San Manuel amphitheater which is hosts  many major musical acts, and you have a city that can provide a variety activities.  San Bernardino, like the rest of the state, desperately needs nurses and one can expect great pay and any shifts while on their travel nursing assignment!   


Featured Travel Nursing Jobs, April 5th, 2013

April 5th, 2013

Denver, Colorado- ERDenver offers a myriad of activities that a travel nurse can enjoy. People often think of Denver as winter destination, but they are only have right- while the beauty of Colorado in winter is unparalleled, it is equally as majestic in the spring and summer months! A travel nursing assignment in Denver is an opportunity for you to obtain great experience in top of the line facilities  at work, while enjoying the outdoor activities that Denver is renowned for on your days off! As an added bonus, Denver consistently ranks as one of the healthiest/fittest cities in the United States.  

New York, New York –ER.  The big city, big lights, and big dreams are all what make New York City one of the best places to live. Once you visit New York City, you will never want to leave. Taking a travel nursing assignment in New York offers a travel nurse opportunities they couldn’t find anywhere else!  Discover the big apple for what it really is while on your travel nursing assignment!

Charleston, South Carolnia- ER.  Charleston might be one of the best cities to go to on a traveling nursing assignment because of the state of the art medical facilities in the area, but we know that travel assignments are more than just about work! While you’re in Charleston you will have the opportunity to reveal in the old feel of the south that is certain sure to charm.  Not just a relic though, Charleston has many modern attractions as dwell: the cuisine found throughout the city is nationally renowned as being progressive and delicious, while the city has a nightlife that is young, fun and unlike anywhere else! Our travel nurses have only had very positive things to say about their experiences in Charleston!


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